My friend Salvador Dali in the Paris bar

My friend Salvador Dali in the Paris bar


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Keil often wanders back in time. Imagining him when he was sitting in a bar in Paris with his friend Salvador Dali. Dali, the famous surrealist paintor, was one of Keil’s friends. Like Keil, Dali was in search of a new life in Paris, something to inspire him. Dali, who worked like Keil, with Picasso and Miro had a very similar past. The picture portraits the happiness of Dali. It’s almost like if he was smiling. The light blue background makes his face stand out. His white face, with the small little infamous mustache and the tiny lips makes it the happy person, Keil used to know. Dali, wearing a yellow hat, signals the excentric behavor and passion he had. His eyes, both of them different, and with blue background reflects his controversity.

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