My friend Pablo Picasso. I Love You. Hommage in memory.

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My friend Pablo Picasso. I Love You. Hommage in memory.


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What can one say about Picasso. Keil exchanged written notes and messages with him. Both had the same interest. Keil’s biggest idol. From his youth onwards, he saw Picasso as the hero and influencer of the artworld. In this great pice of art, this reflects the crown on top. Keil used for the crown blue, the x’s, yellow dots and a red dot. Signalling Picasso’s superior position in the art world. The yellow, his preservence. The red, Picasso’s love of art. And the blue, his imagination, his inspiration, and his sensitivity. The frame of the face, so exclusively done in pink. It can’t stand for anything else but his family and friends. The people he was sourrounded with, who appricated and loved him. His hands in stickfigure style. Strangely enough. However, they point out the directness Picasso has. He knows what he wants. He knows his style of art. His lips, again in black. Not everyone knows whats going on in his head. Even though he uses a lot of colors, Picasso is still elegant. The same with his eyes. The reflection of mystery and power. One eye is stronger than the other. His life is not perfect. But he is still the king. The king of art. Keil’s memory of him will never fade away.

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