My friend and mentor Joan Miro

My friend and mentor Joan Miro


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The wheel keeps turning. Life will go on. Doesn’t all start with a wheel? Keil’s perfectionism in art starts from bottom to top. The wheel at the bottom, devided with black streaks and yellow background. This means we need to discover, get yourself out there in the world. Don’t be shy. Do it like Miro, be strong and optimistic. The brown wheel signals our life, what we need to survive. With the black lines throughout the picture, it’s almost like your lifeline. You make the decisions. On top of the wheel, like the central point in his artwork, all lifelines come together. No matter which way you choose, you will get to a certain point. Is our life predetermined? Regardless, we need safety, balance, happiness, love, romance in our life. This gives us balance. This is our enjoyment. All the colour reflect exactly this. Thank you my friend Miro, for showing me the way!

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