Donald Duck

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Donald Duck


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The colorfulness comes from Peter Keil’s time with his family. His home in Florida makes him being grateful of the different colors and happiness this state reflects. Keil’s version of Donald Duck has more than two eyes. It’s almost as if he drew two more eyes in Duck’s ears. Signalling Donald Duck’s mischievous, temperamental, and pompous personality. Yellow, the color of excess around his mouth and face signals the excess. He just can’t get enough. Enough of all the money and sucess in the world. His body, little tiny legs, almost not visible, but are very very fast. He is the first to do business. His four legs, not only two, but two pink ones, signal the universal love for himself and his family. The painting is drawn on purple background with a few white winds coming in from the right side. Almost like either someone wants to push him away; but he is stronger than everyone else. The winds help him to succeed in life. They will lead you in the right direction.

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